Our amazing team of athletes that are dominating their sports.

Rob Rojas
Professional Standup Paddler

After a relatively lengthy swimming career that took me to college, (University of Virginia), I started paddling in 1994, when I raced a coleman style canoe down the New River in South Western Virginia during the Pembroke Triathlon.  That led to a passion for outrigger and surfski paddling that took me places such as Kona Hawaii for races as well as what is arguably the highlight of my paddling career, The Texas Water Safari in 1997, (265 mile non-stop canoe race).  In 2006, I jumped on a Stand Up Board for the first time and started racing in 2008.  Since that time, the sport of Stand Up has taken me all over the country for races and even Peru, where I competed with Team USA in the inaugural ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Champs in Miraflores Peru.  Two of my most notable achievements in the sport of SUP and paddleboarding are:

-Overall winner of the 2012 BOP distance race.

-Top ten finisher in the historic 2013 Catalina Classic paddleboard race.

Geovani Cevantes Perez
Professional Stand Up Paddler

Born in Puerto Vallarta Mexico Geovanni began surfing at the age of 14 when he moved to the beach town of Sayulita. Since then he has quickly progressed as both a talented surfer and waterman. Geovani has also excelled as one of Mexico’s top stand up paddlers, and competes around the world. Most importantly, he’s a positive role model for young athletes in Sayulita and lives a lifestyle of health and fitness.

Jordan McGriff
Professional Skateboarder

Born and raised in Syracuse, NY 18 year old Jordan McGriff is one of the most talented up and coming skaters on the east coast. He has been skating since the age of 5 and regularly participates in regional competitions. His future plans are to attend Syracuse University and purse his dream of being a professional skateboarder. His sponsors include OX Endurance and Welfare Skateboards.

Bicho Jimenez Lorenzo
Professional Stand Up Paddler

Born in Sayulita Mexico, Bicho grew up surrounded by a hot bed of talented surfers (including his brother who has held a Mexican national title). As most of his family, Bicho took to the water at very young age both surfing and fishing. Once he began Stand UP, it was only natural that we would progress to earn the respect of his peers and become one of Mexico’s top racers. At only 18, Bicho helped Sayulita win the team relay race in Santa Monica, and has made several finals in California. He will be exciting to watch in the years to come.

Noah Davidson

Age 16 and born in Phoenix AZ. Noah is a lifelong skateboarder with a lot of talent and potential. His skating is constantly progressing and he will be interesting to watch in the years to come. Noah currently rides for Militant Mini-logo, Upper Echelon, Swiftwick Socks, and OX Endurance Formula.

Shelby Taylor
Professional Stand Up Paddler

Shelby Rose Taylor was born and raised in Lexington, KY. When she turned 18, she moved to Mexico’s surf haven Sayulita, Nayarit- to pursue her passion of the sea and her dream of becoming a world renowned watergirl. While In Mexico, she dedicated herself to surfing and paddle boarding, training along side some of the best SUP Athletes in the world. Shelby quickly improved and made wake in the SUP world taking 1st place in both the sprint and elite distance races in her first ever event in Punta Mita, Mexico. She had a very strong showing at the Battle of the Paddle in California, taking 2nd place in the women’s open race, and taking 1st place in the open long distance race. Shelby took 1st place recently at the SUP Splash Series Elite Distance race in Chattanooga, TN. She is a new and young racer with a lot of bright years to come. Stoked to see where she ends up!

Felipe Rodriguez Lorenzo
Professional Stand Up Paddler

Felipe Rodriguez Lorenzo was born in Sayulita Nayarit, Mexico. He enjoys watersports such as: Sup race, Sup surfing, Fishing, diving, and sport fishing. He has exelled in competions around the world.

Competition results: Peru 2012 global ISA WORLD CHAMPION 7 place elite race
10th place Long distance, recent competitions Punta sayulita Classic 2012 long distance 4th place, elite race 7 place, Zanka Fest 2013 Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Sup surfing 2nd place, Sup race long distance 3rd place.
Stand Up Paddle Mexico 2013 circuit Colima: Long distance 2nd place, Elite race 2nd place.

Felipe Bodoque Hernandez
Professional Stand Up Paddler

Felipe is 23 years old and has been surfing his entire life in his home town sayulita Mexico. Felipe’s dad always pushed him to be active in the water, and 3 years ago he found paddle boarding. He now competes in short board surf, SUP surf, and SUP racing. Felipe also loves skateboarding and goes to the skatepark whenever he has free time. In the winter, Felipe likes to travel to the snow with his girlfriend and snowboard. He aspires to take 1st place internationally in SUP surf, while continuing to be fit, happy, and healthy.

Felipe recently took 1st place at the stand up world trials in Huntington Beach, CA

David “El Niño” Hernandez
Professional MMA Fighter

David “El Nino” Hernandez, the current King of the Cage amateur bantamweight champion, started his martial art journey by way of his father and now fight coach Phil Hernandez. David trains in judo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, Muay Thai, and boxing. His goal is to be a professional world champion and a positive influence to young people who want to live their dream.

Taylor Suhy
Sponsored Skateboarder

Born and raised in Phoenix AZ, Taylor Suhy is one of the best up and coming skateboarders in his region. At only 18 Taylor regularly competes in skate contests, and rides for OX Endurance, Phoenix Skateboards, Tony’s Boardshop, Theeve Trucks, and Apex apparel. On just about any given day you can catch Taylor killing it at his home turf of Rio Vista Skate Park.

Erika Benitez
Amateur Standup Paddleboarder 

At only the age of 13, Erika Benitez is one of the best up and coming Stand Up Paddlers in the sport. Born in Long Beach, Ca her dad Erik introduced her to stand up paddling in 2009 at the age of 9 years old. For the past 2 years she has been racing and competing in numerous events up and down the California coast. Along with riding for OX Endurance, Erika is also the youngest member of the Hobie stand up paddle team. Some of her accomplishments are:

-Dana Outrigger Ocean Challenge 2013: 3rd place

-Battle of the Paddle 2013: 1000 meters 1st place

-Tecolote 5000 San Diego 2013: 1000 meters 1st place

-Lanakila Classic 2014: 5 miles 2nd place

-California Coastal Relay 2014: 18 miles 1st place

-Stand Up for Clean Water: 1st place

Ryan Knysh
Professional Standup Paddleboarder

Ryan Knysh is a competitive paddle boarder from Edmonton, Alberta. After a 5 year professional Mixed Martial Arts career, in which he earned the King Of The Cage Canadian Bantamweight Title, he has made the leap into Stand Up Paddleboard racing and never looked back. Taking advantage of a new coach in Dave Boehne, he has been refining his skills with Team Infinity Sup training in both California and back at home to push himself to a new level for 2014. His current sponsors include Infinity Surfboards, Quickblade Paddles, The Easy Rider, On a Mission, FCS Fins, Nosara Paddle Surf, Maui Jim, and OX Endurance Formula. His Goal is to compete at the highest level, share his knowledge, and enjoy living on the water!

Chris Norman
Professional Standup Paddler

Chris is 26 years old and grew up in Annapolis, MD spending most of his free time on the water between sailing, windsurfing, and surfing. When introduced to Stand Up 3 years he immediately began to enter local competitions and continues to compete up and down the East Coast. Chris is part owner of Capital SUP in downtown Annapolis which does rentals, lessons, and fitness classes including yoga on the boards. When not paddling, Chris enjoys working out in the gym staying in top physical condition and training other athletes in various athletic endeavors.